You've likely heard that trainer dude rant

about how he thinks you need to

"hustle more, get online and drill down the competition"

(Wait: Is that guy actually making a bazillion dollars?).

  • It's time to ​STOP ​THE ​HUSTLE - because valuable referrals are a result of the right skill-set and strategy.​ You're welcome.
  • ​You gotta get ​OFFLINE - ​you probably got into the fitness industry to work with people, not via screen-time, right? Let's keep serving, 1:1.
  • ​Connecting with your COLLECTIVE is important - let's face it, the industry isn't always the most ​encouraging, so surrounding yourself with supportive community is ​GOLD. (I've got just the group for you here).

​In my 23 years as a fitness and stretch coach, I've most recently struggled with ​​calendaring every cool client project​ ​or dreamy working holiday.

​It wasn't until a high-value client ​jokingly suggested I clone myself, ​that I started documenting my most requested sessions. And then began teaching personal trainers and yoga instructors how to implement the same skill-set I use to attract dream clients around the globe.

I'm a Sports Physiologist, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and Registered Massage Therapist, and what that really means is: I've spent a lot of my life geeking out on health, fitness and wellness so I can be of highest service to clients.  I especially love working with fitpros like YOU and ​really excited to ​give you a peek into my system​, in a FREE MASTER CLASS​.

The idea is to work four months ​earning what you would in ​twelve (while soaking up some sun in the process). I am proof that this works!

​If you're ready to work less, connect ​+ earn more and have the #goodproblem of what to do with all the free time you'll have,

I've lived in Bermuda, Hong Kong, California and Phuket, (and relocated back to Toronto after 24 years ​abroad).

I own a spa consultancy based in Phuket, Thailand (business start-ups for resort spas in Asia Pacific). We've won awards for best island spa and the first spa development in an airport.

​As a ROXY Stretch Trainer I accompanied Jay-Z on his 4:44 tour as physio, fitness coach and stretch trainer.

I married my university sweetheart after having been out of contact for over 20 years.

I became a Mum at age 45.

What I know for sure is: whatever ​simultaneously scares and excites you: chances are that is exactly the thing (or process or situation) you are meant to jump into and move through, with courage. It's these life experiences that you look back on with the fondest of memories.

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