​How To Attract ​High Value Dream Clients ​​And Charge​ A Substantial Day Rate
​(Without Obsessing Over Marketing)


Your Host:

​Roxanne de Guzman

​is S​ports Physiologist & Personal Trainer @RocNation. She is founder of ​Asia Pacific Leisure Spa Consulting in Thailand and featured FitPro at the 6-star Aman Resorts worldwide.

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​12:00 PM


What you’ll discover on this ​free webinar:

  • ​How to charge a higher rate - or even a substantial set day-rate ​with current and potential clients​​​.
  • ​How to continue working 1:1  (aka face-to-face) with current and prospective/new clients without having to become an 'online trainer'
  • ​Get the formula for making client cancellations a thing of the past (and ​getting back-to-back sessions booked instead!).
  • There's demand in the trillion dollar and growing wellness industry for exactly the skillset Roxanne will to teach you.
  • ​The six C "Pillars" for relevancy and longevity as a health and fitness professional.

​This Master Class ​is for you if...

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    ​You're an established personal trainer​, yoga[fit] instructor or sports/dance coach who enjoys working face-to-face with clients, and you have least 1 year ​experience in the fitness industry.
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    ​You're ready to step up and work with high value dream clients and charge a higher rate #workanywhere
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    ​The idea of traveling for work gigs and earning more in a shorter amount of time, is appealing to you. #rockstarwellnesscoach
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    ​You feel like you're in a hamster wheel with current clients or in ​finding/retaining new clients.
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    ​You love that you wear yoga pants/shorts/sweats and a t-shirt as your "uniform" and want to re-kindle your flame with what personal training means to you.

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Places on the live webinar are limited! Reserve your seat now and join us live for the ​Master Class that will change the way you think about ​(and enjoy!) life as a FitPro...

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