​Client: "Rox, why don't we ever do yoga? You LOVE yoga. Let's start doing yoga."

​Rox: "Erm, we have. You asked to switch back to workouts and ​refused to start mat yoga again. But I'm happy you're keen to practice!​"

[unrolls 2 yoga mats]

"Remember the most important thing is to breathe. The pose is secondary..."

​...after one [sort-of] sun salutation...

​​Client: Let's do something else. This is too difficult.

​Rox: This is down dog!

​Year after year, my long-time and new clients gravitate to passive stretch sessions in addition to a workout OR ​in place of a workout #nomorecancellations !

P.S. In that video, I ​was 8 months pregnant (and age 45!), and still able to work with ease. #paydayhappiness

I tend to lean toward ​getting clients to practice​ ​guided yoga with me #becauseitsamazing but my observation with high value clients is that they rather PREFER 2 BOOKED SESSIONS:

  • ​​​​A ​​​Personalized Workout session, FOLLOWED BY,
  • ​A ​​​Practitioner Assisted Yoga Stretch < hey..."PAYS"!

Experience and philosophy. You have a zone of genius and you need to be operating from THAT place. I have seen and believe that life does indeed flow in CYCLES. And in this short life, if you're not listening to and operating from the bigger picture cycles, and have a #legit strategy to get you where you aim to be, at any given time #goalswithsoul - then 

You need your trajectory to be as zoned in and focused as this.

Why? Because the world's gonna keep on worlding. The sun will rise and set. And if you haven't inched your way closer to an actual goal, then you're spinning your wheels directionless. Did you already know this, and need a strategy for setting and reaching your #goalswithsoul ?

I KNOW that your high value dream clients are waiting for you and the specific fitness or wellness services you offer. Now, where to find them?  

Nah fret! I've got you covered, as I teach this in my FREE Master Class.

My 'wisdom' in the fitness, wellness, corporate and hospitality/hotel services industries have spanned almost 30 years (!) and what I teach in the webinar are nuggets I wish I had when I started out. I also talk about blending the masculine structures in the industry with feminine creativity. If you can implement both (while just being yourself), then you're golden.

​Systems, cycles and stuff.

​Oh my!

​​​My 'always be learning' mind

put me in a daily grind

of always be buying

yet another ​'needed' course

my quick-start is great

and follow-through sucks

​Even I cringe as I reach for the next thousand bucks

for a new course or strategy that'll help 'get me there'

Then I dive in and soon abandon

my why, what and where

Dialing back to my childhood, I was always that girl

who, with eyes wide open,