Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

​- Matsuo Bashō

I wouldn't exactly call myself a 'hotelier' by definition, but I've spent an accumulated 10 years living in hotels either during pre-opening (i.e. living on a construction site until launch) or during full swing operations where we have 'gone live' with spa and recreation staff and lived up to tight (six star!) standards.

So in that sense, I've felt the magic, the stress, the pain and the joy...of being part of a (mostly beach resort) staff team.

Oh, and that year we 'survived' the Tsunami, after Christmas festivities, and in preparation for New Years Eve party. With a hotel filled with 150 guests plus our 250 staff in house - I'd say our team (or those of us who weren't frozen in fear and bewilderment of nature's sweeping)...were of service in a whole new way.

But I digress.

Hotels. Five stars plus. Beach resorts. Airport spas. This has all been a huge part of a collection of memorable moments and epic events that have - in addition to being an international fitness/yoga/massage nerd - shaped who I am, and ultimately what myself and my team offer today.

I understand (and have dissected way too many times) how the 'journey' of a 'vacation' begins not AT the destination, but from the moment the thought of it is planted like a new seed in your mind. Until it becomes part of a clear visual:

Research done.

Let's pack!

Arrangements made, and off to the airport (your esteemed guests go).




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