Have you thought of offering bespoke wellness retreats at your resort?

​“We know people want far more immersive journeys and experiences, particularly wellness travelers: those transformative epiphanies that come from stepping into a story larger than themselves...​”

​- Anna Bjurstam, VP of Spas & Wellness at Six Senses

and Global Wellness Summit Board Member

Remember those 'emotional, life-changing wellness journeys' that travelers nowadays are demanding?

    Let's give your raving fans what they're asking for.

​Here's how ​it works:

After a complimentary 30-min initial consultation​ (phone or live), we will schedule a meeting with your key marketing and decision-mak​ers.

We white-board suitable retreat getaways and workshops based on your location, concept, positioning and many other factors. #braindump#

​We get creative and carve out the details of a select number of bespoke guest journeys #magicinthemaking

IN-HOUSE: We work step-by-step through intensive training with the appropriate hotel teams that will be involved in your respective getaway(s) to be offered. We also discuss if necessary to hire and train a new staff member for the task(s), weighing the expense vs. potential revenue. OUTSOURCE: ​Or we plug in necessary visiting practitioner​ (​often-times a yoga influencer).

​We walk through the entire guest journey to ensure an enjoyable, transformative and seamless guest experience #golive


​Yoga ​flow retreat, fresh juices, healthy cuisine. Transformation, peace and a sense of community, in ​Bali.

​Indigo Pearl Resort, ​Introduction to Yoga promotion (​4 of 12) 2009, led by Roxanne

​​Roxanne is annual Featured Fitness and Yoga ​Instructor at Amanpuri Six-Star Resort​ (since '97).





 Stand out with your own UNIQUE RETREATS AND GETAWAYS.